Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Second Child

Monday, June 27, 2011
Wal-mart shopping this morning, this afternoon cleaning girl came and this evening Grandpa and I went out to Cal's for supper and McDonald's for our hot fudge sundae.  Pretty hard to top a day like today.
(How Jesus Came Into My Life)
March 22, 1961 our son, Steven Douglas, was born to us.  The delivery was easy but the days after were pretty frightening.  Steve was an 8 # baby, looked healthy and had the biggest dimples you would ever want to see on a baby. 
I must have lost quite a bit of blood because I needed a blood transfusion.  That's when they discovered I was Negative A blood type.  Not good news if you have a positive baby.  Steve's blood count continued to drop each day.  They had tested him so many times that there weren't to many places on his little body that didn't have needle marks.  The doctors told me I could stay in the hospital with him as long as I wanted because they really didn't expect him to live.  I was there with him almost a week and felt I needed to get home for our son John.  What I didn't know at the time was that as soon as I left we could no longer hold Steve, touch him or feed him.  We had to come as visitors and look through the glass window.  It was one month later when the hospital called and said we could bring our baby boy home.  The doctor's said this baby had a strong will to live.  I can still remember Grandpa and I going to bring him home.  Excited!!!!!
I was told my Grandmother had the priest come to the hospital to Baptize Steve but I never found out for sure.  We had Steve Baptized in the Catholic church to make sure he would go to heaven.  This is what I was taught and I wanted to do everything right.
To be continued
Love, grandma

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