Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hi,  It's been awhile since Grandma blogged.  I was surprise to find a whole new layout.  Now I have to learn all over again how to use my blog.

Grandma's been busy with living each day to the fullest.  At my age you begin to see more of your family and friends passing out of this world.  It's sad for those left behind because someone you love and care about is no longer here on earth to share your life with.

I know I'm here for a purpose and that is to reach out and share my love for the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Maybe I can share what Jesus has done for me in my life.  I will pray about it and if it's God's will I will start on my next blog.

I think first I'm going to learn all I can do and not do on this new layout of the blog.

May all who reads this be blessed.