Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cousin Bob

Today started out as a regular Wednesday. I had my morning bible study and was planning on visiting a couple of ladies from our church who are house bound. As it was they were unable to have visitors today so I decided to go for a swim at the pool. I pulled in the driveway and parked the car and thought I should call Grandpa to let him know what I am doing. Grandpa said I'm so glad you called because we are getting a visitor from Virginia. Yep! It was my cousin Bob whom I so much enjoy visiting with. I Hi tailed it home and Bob came soon after. Bob said he was taking a vacation from retirement and decided to come to Ohio to visit family and friends. Grandpa really enjoyed the visit because they were in the same class in school growing up. Grandpa and Bob had a good time reminiscing and catching up on old classmates. A couple of hours flew by and before we knew it Bob was leaving. Grandpa and I chuckle and say we never know what the day will bring for us. Today was a pleasant surprise.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I want to introduce you to Bobbie. I have known Bobbie for many years but yesterday was the first time I've been to her home. Bobbie as you can see is a quilter. She is making a quilt for her granddaughters out of fabric from their clothes and fun fabrics. The quilt blocks themselves are pieced in a pattern of a dress. I just had to take a picture of this unique quilt. One of the main reasons I went to Bobbie's house was to see her baby donkey. I wish I would have taken a picture of it but they were just a little to far away to capture a good picture. The baby is a week old and never left it's mother's side. It was adorable watching it run and jump in a playful mood. Bobbie also gave us a tour of her landscaped gardens. Like everything else they were very unique with all kinds of decorations through out the gardens. I think I counted 3 or 4 manikins dressed with vines. We had a picnic lunch of fresh lemonade, miniature kesh appetizers, homemade salsa and chips, and individual chocolate candies. Bobbie suggested we start a book club with the 4 of us friends reading the same book and then getting together to talk about it. I think I am third on the list to read it so when I get the book I'll share it with you. I even came home with a hardy mum from Bobbie's house. Can you tell I really enjoyed myself and I am looking forward to getting together again with Bobbie, Ruth, Judy and myself.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday Erica

Erica is the daughter of John and Debbie Belden. She is a senior at Allegheny College in PA. It's because of Erica I have this blog. We wish Erica a Happy Birthday today.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Prayer Request

A very good friend of mine, Karen, received news that her 6 year old grandson, Rance, has a brain tumor and the Dr's have given him a zero chance of survival. The tumor is so close to the brain stem I understand it makes it inoperable. Please pray for this critical need.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday

Today we celebrated John, our brother-in-law's, 80th birthday. John is the husband of Grandpa's sister, Shirley. In the picture is John and Shirley's daughter, Sue, who hosted the party at her house. We had an amazing time visiting, eating, touring her home, eating, watching children having the time of their lives, did I mention eating. The food was made by John and Shirley's family. I was trying to get recipes while I was eating. All I could say was mmmmmm with every bite full. John is well loved by his family and will be remembering this day for a long time. Happy Birthday John.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grandpa's Project

This is Grandpa's pole building that we have had probably close to 40 years. One day a couple of weeks ago Grandpa came in the house and said "I have an idea". The pole building gets like a steam box during the summer months because it faces the East and gets a lot of sun. Grandpa said I think I'll have our Amish neighbors put a sliding door at the North side of the building to get more air inside and cool it down. I think Grandpa is getting wise in his senior years. It took our neighbors all of a half day to do the work. Now Grandpa can work out in his building with fresh air. Way to Go Grandpa!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha

We had our 4 September birthday celebrations Saturday. John 50, Tim 46, Erica 21 and Tori 14.
Our daughter and her family came up with the most hilarious gift for John. John received most appropriately a snuggy with his picture on the box along with his family's pictures. Hahahaha, I'm sorry but my side is still hurting from laughing so hard.
We all had a good time but the very special gift was our son, Steve, who came from MN to help his brother roll into the next decade.
Today Grandpa, John, Steve and Michael all went to see the Browns verses Vikings game. Steve was the happy son who's team came up with the victory.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Becky's Birthday

Today was a fun day celebrating my friend Becky's birthday. Becky has the brown colored top on and has the biggest smile. We shopped first at Michael's and worked up an appetite to feast at Applebee's. Our food was delicious and our server was nice to look at (second picture) and very friendly. Of course we left him a nice tip. More shopping at TJ Max. (third, forth and fifth picture) Our clerk was a little camera shy but graciously let us take her picture. She said no one has ever done that before. Off to Hobby Lobby store which just walking through the store listening to the music and dreaming how to decorate our houses for Fall was a real treat. Time to go home and wait for the next birthday. OHHHH! That's mine. Our birthdays are just what we make it. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Monday, September 7, 2009

One Step Ahead

Want to share how good God is. Last week I was trying to organize my sewing room. I removed all my Sunday School supplies. that I use to teach 3,4 and 5 year olds, to the basement. I couldn't believe how much I had accumulated. It looks pretty nice and very accessible to work with. When I went to church yesterday I was approached with sharing the classroom with our new team of teachers that will be teaching AWANA on Sunday evenings. I was surprised :0 because I realized now why God had me move my Sunday School supplies at home. I will be bringing more home from church to add to my supplies at home. It always amazes me how God is always one step ahead. Its pretty exciting our church is doing the AWANA program for all ages. We have a small church that is growing by leaps and bounds. P.T. L.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Organization verses chaos

What is one divided by three? 0.3333333 Why do I ask? It's because I took the contents of one room and divided into three rooms. The answer is = now I don't know where the heck anything is???? My organization has turned into chaos. Oh Well, it could be fun when Grandpa tries to find me. I guess the main room in the house for Grandpa is the kitchen. As long as there is food on the table we will eventually find each other.

(Sorry Beth, I just notice I misspelled your name in my last blog) Correction has been made. :0

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beth's email

I'm sure you all will enjoy reading my friend Beth's email to me. She is one talented lady who has a gift in writing.

Congratulations on your organization. I find lists to be immensely helpful and I make them for everything. I have lists for nice days (outside work) and rainy days (inside work) . You could say lists are my life. If I do something that is not on the list I add it just so i can cross it off. How's that for crazy? They do help me stay on track even if I've become a bit compulsive about them. I caught myself the other day actually arranging the list in order of how dirty I was going to get accomplishing said tasks. You see I had to go to the grocery store (public appearance) which is completely different than going to the bank (only seen from the shoulders up at the drive-thru), so I felt i had to stay reasonably clean from 4:45 a.m. until the bank opened at 9. So I solved that problem by sewing some pieces together for a baby quilt that i am working on. See, I do find time to sew when all the sane people are sleeping.

I loved you story about the cake that fell. Who hasn't had that happen? At least you discovered the problem right away. I made so many "Flat Cakes" one winter before I figured out it really wasn't me.

I don't have to leave the house today so I can get as dirty as necessary without any worries. That is unless someone stops over. Everyone is absolutely welcome to come over anytime. Just know that I will not be dressed in my church clothes nor will I be lying on the couch eating bon bons. Church clothes are worn once a week to go to church in, the rest of the time I'm at home in the grubbiest clothes I own. Katie told me I looked like homeless woman. Children are so kind. I now they aren't supposed to lie, but does she have to be so honest.

Okay, I'm off to get dirty, I don't mean to get dirty, it just happens.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two for Two

I'm really liking this list and organization thing I've been doing. Day two and I've only one more thing on my list to do and then I'm free to quilt, quilt, quilt.