Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Becky's Birthday

Today was a fun day celebrating my friend Becky's birthday. Becky has the brown colored top on and has the biggest smile. We shopped first at Michael's and worked up an appetite to feast at Applebee's. Our food was delicious and our server was nice to look at (second picture) and very friendly. Of course we left him a nice tip. More shopping at TJ Max. (third, forth and fifth picture) Our clerk was a little camera shy but graciously let us take her picture. She said no one has ever done that before. Off to Hobby Lobby store which just walking through the store listening to the music and dreaming how to decorate our houses for Fall was a real treat. Time to go home and wait for the next birthday. OHHHH! That's mine. Our birthdays are just what we make it. Fun, Fun, Fun.

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  1. Haha you took a picture of the server!! That is classic.