Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha

We had our 4 September birthday celebrations Saturday. John 50, Tim 46, Erica 21 and Tori 14.
Our daughter and her family came up with the most hilarious gift for John. John received most appropriately a snuggy with his picture on the box along with his family's pictures. Hahahaha, I'm sorry but my side is still hurting from laughing so hard.
We all had a good time but the very special gift was our son, Steve, who came from MN to help his brother roll into the next decade.
Today Grandpa, John, Steve and Michael all went to see the Browns verses Vikings game. Steve was the happy son who's team came up with the victory.


  1. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!!! I agree with Erica! Had a great time. :)

  2. i was just blog hopping... i had to stop to let you know i was lol about this post! :) very funny!