Friday, June 24, 2011


Friday,  June 24, 2011
I really don't have any family news so I will get right to the memories.
(How Jesus came into my life)
On Saturday, October 25, 1958  Grandpa and I were married in the Catholic Church, St. Ambrose, in Garrettsville, Ohio.  Being we had only two attendants in our wedding party we got into Grandpa's new 1958 white Chevy and rode around town honking the horn.  We then drove to Ravenna to have our pictures taken at a Photo Studio.  We then drove back to the farm where the wedding reception was.   My Grandma didn't have much money but we had a nice reception at the house.  There was good food, music being played in the basement and a wedding cake to be cut.  We opened presents there before we left on our honeymoon.
Grandpa had told me before we got married that we would stop at the first motel we came to.  I changed clothes into my pretty blue suit before we left.  We left the reception at 4;00PM while people were still partying.  Off we went headed East.  We past the first motel, then the second and third.  I thought "Boy, Grandpa is more nervous about this then I am".  He kept driving and driving till we were in New York.  It wasn't long we saw a red light flashing to pull us over.  The officer said Grandpa was speeding but he didn't give us a ticket.  We must have looked like newly weds.  Grandpa wanted to surprise me and took us to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.  We arrived around 10 o'clock that night.  We stopped at a new motel and reserved our room then went to the Falls.  It was beautiful. 
Now if you are over 18 you can read the next part:  Remember it was our honeymoon night and I had bought a new nightgown to wear.  I went into the bathroom with my suitcase and couldn't believe my eyes.  My Aunt Florence and cousin Rosemarie had taken all my night clothes out of the suit case. :0  I didn't want to come out unless all the lights were off.  It was so embarrassing!!! 
Next morning we went back to the Falls and took some pictures.  Black and White as we couldn't afford colored film. 
We stopped for breakfast and I ordered panny cakes.  At least that's what we called pancakes when I was growing up.  You should have seen the look on Grandpa's face.  Grandpa cut his all nice and neat and mine was one big pile in the center of my plate.  You can see I had a lot of growing up to do.  After breakfast We headed home.  We saw a lot of farm land and I said "Wow, look at all those horses in the pasture".  Grandpa said 'those are cows".  He still teases me about that to this day.
We would have stayed longer but I had to be back to work at the grocery store Monday morning.  Grandpa had the whole week off.  Not Fair!
To be continued:
Love, grandma

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