Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our First House

Tuesday, June 29, 2011
Today I went to visit an old friend who has major health problems.  God was so good to arrange for us to get together.  How do I know it was God?  Because it was good, acceptable and perfect.
(How Jesus Came Into My Life)
Grandpa and I have been married 4 years and have been blessed with two beautiful children.  Grandma's hobby back then was being on a bowling team. 
Grandpa and I purchased our first home.  Actually I should say Grandpa and Grandpa Belden co-signed since I wasn't of age yet.  The house was a big two story house on Water Street in Garrettsville.  I remember the moving day.  We had some friends move us in a pick up truck, set up the beds in the bedrooms and everything else in the middle of the living room floor.  Believe it or not I was as happy as can be.  Our first house.
I was asked by a chef I knew if I would be interested in working as a waitress part time in a new bar and restaurant called the Chanticleer.  I knew nothing of waitressing but was told I could learn on the job.  The restaurant was located in the plaza where the bowling alley is in Garrettsville.  I would walk to work being we had only one car and it wasn't that far.  I found an excellent baby sitter, B. Brown, who was an elderly lady but very good to the boys.
Working in a bar restaurant was not a good influence on me.  I don't know how to explain it but I seemed separated from my family and life became all about me.  I had a lot of maturing to do during that time.
I worked for awhile and then a wonderful blessing came when I found out I was pregnant.  The doctors had advised us not to have anymore children because of the problems we had previously.  The pregnancy went very well and I couldn't be happier.
To Be Continued
Love, grandma

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