Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Year Of Marriage

Saturday, June 25, 2011
Our eleven year old Amish neighbor girl named Cindy called up this morning wanting to know if she could wash our car today.  You would not believe the job she did on it.  She got up on a ladder and washed the top and everything below except the wheels.  She litterly took all the mats out of the car and scrubbed them.  Swept the car with a sweeper and washed all the windows.  I almost felt guilty just giving her eight dollars but I couldn't give her more then what I paid her brother last year at least not on the first day.  She's a keeper.
(How Jesus Came Into My Live)
Our first home together was an upstairs apartment in the town of Garrettsville.  It happened to be on the same street as the Catholic Church.  So easy for me to go for Mass.  I was so happy being a married woman and having my own home.
Grandpa went back to work the following week and I was working at the grocery store.  The next week or so I was using the meat slicer to cut lunchmeat and cut the tip of my thumb off.  It was at the end of the day and Grandpa was there to pick me up.  I must ad there was no meat guard on the slicer and I was still 16 and should not have been using the slicer.  The other girl I worked with was on vacation so I had to work.  The doctors in town would not touch it and I had to have stitches put in so Grandpa drove me to a surgeon's office in Ravenna.  I must say that was the most painful cut I ever had.  It hurt so bad that I slept on the couch so Grandpa wouldn't bump it accidentally. 
It wasn't long after I got pregnant and morning sickness followed.  I missed a lot of church because of that and then I just used it as an excuse not to go.  Another trip to the confessional before I could receive communion.  Communion back then had it's own rules.  No eating or drinking after midnight and communion was the only way one could receive Jesus internally.  The word used for that is transubstantiation meaning the change in the Eucharistic elements from the substance of bread and wine to the substance of the body of Christ with only the appearances of bread and wine remaining. 
Our first son was born on September 21, 1959.  Grandpa picked out the name for him, John Michael,.  I didn't know what I had a boy or a girl till Grandpa told me after I woke up in recovery.  When they brought the baby to me my first thought was "He looks like a Belden" I smiled because in my eyes he was the most handsome baby with his bright red hair.  I was 5 days in the hospital and then stayed a week at Granny and Grandpa Belden's house.  On October 25th 1959 we had John Baptized in the Church.  John's Godparents were my friends, Diane Gano and her husband.  Now if anything happened to John he would go right to heaven.  That is what I was taught.  I fulfilled my first responsibility of having John Baptized and receiving the first Sacrament.
To be continued
Love, grandma

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