Sunday, June 26, 2011


Sunday, June 26, 2011
A beautiful day today.  It's like perfect weather.  Grandpa finished his mowing and I fed the flowered plants some Miracle Grow and hit some weeds with Round Up. 
I think I'm getting a little carried away with my emails and give you all TMI.  It's just when I get started on the memories it's hard to quit.
(How Jesus Came Into My Life)
Grandpa was working at the Standard Transformer in Warren Ohio when we got married.  Times were tough and Grandpa took a second part time job working evenings at a gas station. 
John was getting bigger and crawling around so we found a small house we could rent.  I found another job at a grocery store called Layers while Granny Belden babysat John.  It wasn't long and I was pregnant again which I was thrilled.  I felt good and loved being a wife and mother. I had to give up working at Layer's because of morning sickness.  A job opportunity came up with baby sitting Mike Hyde.  His Mom would bring him to the house each weekday with a can of chicken noodle soup.  That was all Mike wanted to eat for lunch.  He was good company for John to play with and I earned $5.00 a week for babysitting.  It might not sound like much but at the time it was a blessing.
I loved going to church but felt so guilty if I had to miss.  On Sunday was the ONLY time I felt close to Jesus in the celebration of the Mass.  I am going to give you the Explanation of the Mass from my Sunday Missal.  I kept this Missal because it is what I carried on my wedding day.  
 Father, The offering is made under the appearances of bread and wine.  It is a mystical immolation made in an unbloody manner.
By a sacrifice is meant an oblation of something in which a notable change is wrought and offered to God alone in witness of the supreme honor and reverence that man owes Him as his Creator, Master, Beginning and End.
The Sacrifice of the Mass was instituted by Our Lord Himself.  In instituting it He left His Church a Sacrifice by which the bloody Sacrifice offered on Calvary should be renewed to the end of time, and the merits of that Sacrifice might be applied in behalf of the living and the dead for the remission of sins.
The separate consecration of the bread and the wine in the Mass represents the actual separation of the Body and Blood of Our Lord in His Death on the Cross.
The Mass is not, however, a mere representation of the Sacrifice of the Cross.  It is, in all truth, the actual Sacrifice of the Cross that is renewed on the altar; for the Victim offered is the same--Christ on the altar offering Himself through the ministry of the priest, even as on the Cross He offered Himself.  The only difference consists in the manner of offering.  Through the Sacrifice of the Mass God bestows on us the graces that were merited for us by Christ's Sacrifice on the Cross.
The Mass has four purposes: 1. To adore God.  2. To thank God.  3. To obtain grace and benefits. 4. To satisfy the justice of God for the sins committed against Him, and make reparation to Him.
Hard to understand?????
Sorry, I thought I was going to keep this short tonight.
Love, grandma

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