Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011
You are not going to believe this but it's all very true.  Yesterday I wrote I was planning on pulling weeds today so this morning I got up and just started in on the side of the house where we have some bushes and flowers all growing together.  ALL OF A SUDDEN A BROWN JEEP PULLS IN OUR DRIVEWAY AND OUT COMES MY FRIEND BETH WITH  A BOTTLE OF ROUND UP, A SPRAY BOTTLE AND A MEASURING SPOON.  Beth reads my blog and told me this was her secret on getting rid of weeds.  This would have made a perfect commercial for Round Up.  I was given specific directions and told what to stay away from. 
Beth, I squirted the weeds coming out of the bricks and stones this afternoon.  I was very cautious of the wind and which way it was blowing.  I can hardly wait to see those nasty weeds die.  I want to say "Thank you and I Love You My Friend".
I watched the movie 2012 last night and it was ok.  I thought we had the free movie channels all week but it was all weekend.  Don't think we will subscribe.
I read on Jess's FB about the upcoming event to raise money for Children's Cancer Cure.  I know some of you are not on FB so I copied and pasted the information from Jess's blog.
As some of you may know my niece has had Lymphoma and Leukemia. She is now fully recovered and going on to make wonderful memories. With these walks we can help so many other children. Please help me bring hope to the families in need. Any donation is greatly appreciated.
Kiersten Rades is the daughter of Robert Rades and our granddaughter Alyssa.
I am an ENEMY of the devil.
1 Peter 5:8---Be self-controlled and alert.  Your ENEMY the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.
Love, grandma

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