Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grandma's Teen Years

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Well Grandma just got home from a birthday party that was at the Mill Restaurant tonight.  My friend, Fran Michael's celebrated her 70th birthday today and had an all girls party which we all had a great time.
( How Jesus Came Into My Life)
I believe I left off with my move to Freedom, Ohio at age 14.  It was quite a shock living in the country after living in the city.  In the city I was able to hop on a bus and pretty much go where I needed to go.  In the country the only transportation I had was my bicycle or walking miles to get anywhere. 
After I made friends at school, there was one girl who lived maybe a couple of miles from me.  The only entertainment for my age was the local skating rink.  My girlfriend's Father would pick me up and take us skating on Friday nights.  When I was 15 I pretty well made the skating rink my place to go especially on weekends. 
Ok, You are all wanting to know how I met Grandpa.  Grandpa use to come skating or just hang out at the skating rink.  My girlfriend at the time knew who he was and knew he had a really sharp looking 1956 Chevy convertible.  After skating one night she asked him if she could drive his car.  My friend Diane was 16 and had her drivers license.  Did I mention she was very pretty.  Grandpa said ok so we all went for a ride.  I'm not sure how this all came about but Diane and her boyfriend and Grandpa and I started double dating.
  Grandpa gave me an engagement ring May 18, 1959 at my Junior Prom.  We planned a Fall wedding and chose the month of October because it had 5 Fridays in it which meant 5 paydays for Grandpa.  I was willing to just elope but Grandpa said he was afraid of my Grandmother and thought it better we get married in the church.  I was thrilled to think I would be having a church wedding. 
 We had to meet with the priest several weeks for counseling before the wedding.  At that time the priest asked Grandpa to sign papers saying we would raise our children in the Catholic Church.  I'm not sure Grandpa was to happy about that but he signed the papers.  We did talk it over and Grandpa felt I was stronger in my religion then he was in his. Being Grandpa wasn't Catholic,  we could not have a full wedding with a Mass and we had to be married before noon.  That was church laws.  My girlfriend Judy was my maid of honor and Grandpa asked my cousin Don to be his best man.  Both attendants had to be Catholic.  Uncle Sammy gave me away because my Dad was unable to be there.  
To be continued: 
Love, grandma

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  1. How wonderful of God to bring you to Freedom so that He could match you with Grandpa!! I love that story :)