Monday, June 20, 2011

Grandma's early years (3)

Monday, June 20, 2011
Grandpa received a Father's day call from Steve and he shared some wonderful news.  Alyssa and Bob are going to have a baby, January 6th. 
Alyssa called and also shared her news with us.  I don't know who was more excited her or me.  We are so happy for them and will keep them in our prayers.
(How Jesus Came Into My Live)
I believe I left off yesterday saying my Mom and Dad got a  divorce.  The house was sold that we lived in and my Mom, sister and me all moved in with my Aunt and Uncle.  My Aunt is my Mother's sister and she never had any children so her house was clinically spotless until we moved in. 
I had to be enrolled in a new school and since my religion was Catholic I still needed to make my Holy Communion.  My Mom enrolled me in Holy Family School.  I was now entering 5th grade.  Remember when I said I had a desire to go to church but my parents never took me.  I now  attended Mass every school day before classes.  I LOVE IT.  I loved the smell of the candles and sometime incense.  I loved the beautiful colored windows.  I loved the holiness it presented in my mind.  The Nuns were very good to me.  I didn't have any friends until one girl started talking to me.  I thought she liked me.  It turned out she was a very naughty girl and got grandma in a whole lot of trouble.  I was called to the principle's office and She talked to me with concern and told me NOT to be friends with Mary. 
My Aunt soon had enough of us living in her house so we had to move again.  The place we moved to was in a warehouse that was converted into two apartments.  My mother worked and my sister and I were left alone much of the time.  I had gotten very sick with pneumonia so my sister called our Grandmother for help.  My Grandmother came and took us to her home.  I did get better but I did not return back to that house.  My Grandmother filed for guardianship over us and we lived with her, my Grandfather, a couple of elderly ladies my Grandmother took care of and my Uncle. 
At the end of 5th grade I made the sacrament of Penance and Holy communion.  The children who made their communion were in 2nd grade so that made me older and a head taller.  I loved wearing the white dress and veil and the party my Grandmother had for me.  My Mother and Dad decided to get remarried that same day.  My Dad enlisted back in the Navy and I'm not exactly sure where my Mother went.  That marriage did not last either.
I think I have shared enough with you all today so I'll say " to be continued":
Love, grandma

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  1. I can feel for your young heart with your parents divorce and being separated from them. My parents divorced when I was 9 and we never really saw much of our father after that. Thank you for being so open and for sharing your heart with us.
    God Bless ~ Shannon