Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grandma's Early Years (4)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
First I need to share Grandpa and my experience of trying to put minutes on my tracfone.
I purchased the add minutes card last Thursday at our IGA store.  Senior day and 5% off total bill made for a sweeter shopping day.  I purchase the one year card which gives 400 minutes and cost $99.00.
Grandpa wanted me to call tracfone and have them add the minutes on my cell phone.  I called the 800 number and was on hold.  I was told it would be a fifteen minute wait so I put it on speaker phone.  I heard the phone ring and someone picked it up and then hung up.  I redialed and now I had a 30 minute wait.  I told Grandpa lets just use the internet.  I entered the pin and phone number then submit.  I realize there was a 200 minute bonus code so I went back and put that in.  I hit submit and it wouldn't let me go any further because it said the pin number had already been used.  Ok! Now I had to call the 800 number so I could get my minutes.  This time I decided I would just use the automated directions to get my minutes.  The recording was very clear but it kept telling me the pin number I used had already been used.  I looked at my phone and you guessed it the minutes had already been added.  No I didn't get the bonus minutes but I now have over 2000 minutes on my phone.  After feeling stupid all I could do was LOL. Grandpa on the other hand said all he could think of was "there went a hundred bucks".
(How Jesus Came Into My Life)
I graduated from 8th grade and my sister graduated from high school in 1955.  My Grandfather passed away April 2, 1955.  My Grandmother decided to sell the house in Cleveland and move to the old farm house she had in Freedom.  Moving day was on my 14th birthday, November 6th.  My sister remained in Cleveland now that she was 18 and had a job.  The lady my Grandmother took care of, Aunt Lulu, and my Uncle moved to the farm with us.   I wasn't driving yet but I do remember going to Catholic Church every Sunday.  Don't remember how we got there but Grandma would never miss mass. I know church laws have changed since then but if you missed mass intentionally it was a mortal sin and you had better not die with a mortal sin on your soul.
To be continued:  I will share how I met Grandpa.
Love, grandma

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  1. Grandpa sounds very practical and his comment made me chuckle!!