Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not Just Any Deer

Now that you met my friend, Beth, from my previous blog, I would like to share with you an unusual sight she saw yesterday.

I'm back from following him to the field and I wanted to tell you about the unusual sight I saw today. I was about to let the dogs out about 1:00 p.m. when I got home. I looked out the porch door and there in front of the big building heading for the road was a deer. Not just any deer. This one was very different. It's head,chest and front legs were brown,but the body and back legs and butt were snow white. No I haven't started drinking. I swear it's true. I told David while he wolfed down supper and he said he saw it one morning while he was out back turkey hunting. He didn't say anything because he thought he was seeing things.

Beth lives just around the corner from us so maybe her deer just might wonder our way.

I've encouraged Beth to start a blog because as a farmers wife I'm sure she has lots of fun and unusual stories to share. If she does you all will be the first to know it.


  1. That's pretty interesting. If you're able to you should try to get a picture of the deer to post in your blog.

  2. i agree with our friend Jared!