Monday, May 4, 2009


This is in memory of our Grand-Dog, Bubba. Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bubba belonged to the Grubbs Family, Tim, Kathy, Kyle, Kasey and Tori

Bubba has given us many years of unconditional love and play-time.
Even though he was just a little guy he was big in our hearts and had no fear from those who were bigger then him in size.
We enjoyed having him at our house for his vacation time when his family was away.
He gave us exercise when we took him on his walks. He would hold his head high and lead the way.
Bubba had his own way of communicating with his little rrrrrrrruf. Somehow you always knew what he wanted.
Bubba the girls, Annie and Jodi, are waiting for you.

Bubba, we will miss you.


  1. very sweet! But now I got that lump in my throat thing going on, and my eyes are leaking. :(