Friday, July 1, 2011


Friday, July 1, 2011
This morning we had a wonderful breakfast at Bob Evans with Tim and Kathy.   It was great to catch up what's going on with the Grubb's family.  Tim and Kyle are in training to run a marathon this Fall.  Tim looks in great shape and could probably run that marathon today.  I think Kathy might be in training for she looked in pretty darn good shape also.  It was fun and I hope we can do that again soon.
I was disappointed that Bob Evans took the waffle off their menu.  I had my appetite all set for a waffle with strawberry topping.  I just now got off the phone from leaving a message at the Corporate Office.
(How Jesus Came Into My Life)
John and Steve became alter boys and assisted the priest during mass.  "O" Halo
John became the first young person to become a lay reader during the mass.  "O" Halo
Kathy became the first person to get reprimanded for talking during CCD class.  Mr. Furillo was the teacher who sent her out of the class room.  Kathy came home and was told she would not get the kitty we promised her till she apologized to Mr. Furillo and the class.  ") :"   Kathy got her kitty. 
I believe I left off yesterday with:  I was taught that The Holy Bible Is The Word Of God.  Why didn't I know anything about the Holy Bible?  There were no classes being offered at that time.  I tried to read the bible I had to the kids and started with Genesis the first book.   I couldn't pronounce some of the names so we made up names for them.  This was not good and soon the Bible got laid aside.
To be continued:
Love, grandma

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  1. This one made me chuckle! I like that you called the corporate office and the part about reading Genesis to the children! LOL