Saturday, July 2, 2011

The 1970s

Saturday, July 2, 2011
This is an early post today because we have Cindy, our 11 year old Amish girl, coming to stay with us this evening.  Her Mother's cousin passed away and is going to the viewing tonight. 
(How Jesus Came Into My Life)
In the early 1970s I worked at a place called 31 Inc.  We made tire patches and my job was to run the presses or the extruder.  This job was at the top of the list as the worst job I ever had.  Factory talk is definitely different then any other job I had.  God was good because the business moved to New Comers Town, OH and I was laid off.
I worked at Doc's restaurant in Garrettsville and opened up for breakfast and worked the lunch hour.  I also worked part time at McCullough's meat market wrapping freezer meat.  I have to say I learned a lot about different cuts of meat.
It was 1975 when I was hired part time at Hiram College as a housekeeper.  I kept the meat market job till I was hired full time as a housekeeper.  I worked two years as housekeeper then applied for the Cashier's job at the Business Office.  Worked two years as Cashier then applied for the Accounts Payable Job in the same office and that is where I worked till 1990.
Working at the Business Office was life changing for me.  There was one person who worked as Cashier in the Business Office that really made an impression on me.  Her name is Pat Sallee.  She was kind, friendly and very intelligent.  There was something about her that was different then the rest of us.  She didn't take part in telling off colored jokes or use unladylike language.  I really respected her as a person and wanted to know more about her.
To Be Continued,
Love, grandma

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