Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last night I received a phone call from a friend.  My friend is an amputee and her husband has dementia.  She asked for a favor which of course I said "sure".  She wanted me to stop by her house to sample a cookie she made.  The cookie was made without sugar and she was trying new recipes for Christmas.  The cookie was very good.  I thought I would be getting some to take home but she said I would get some for Christmas.  Before I left I held her hand and her husbands hand to pray.  Her husband said "Oh! your hands are cold".  I said yes they are most of the time.  I prayed and went to withdraw my hand and her husband did not want to let go.  The expression on his face was beautiful.  He said I want to warm your hand up.  I was so touched by his caring for me and just think it was all over a cookie.  God is so good to take care of our needs.

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