Friday, June 5, 2009


Very interesting Friday! I made two trips to Middlefield with the Amish girls. They took their dog to the groomers. Neighbor Dan came over for a visit and right after he left neighbor Bob came for a visit. Along with getting groceries, gas in the car and going to the bank this morning it made a pretty full day so I asked Grandpa "How would you like going out for supper tonight"? Soooo, we are on our way to our favorite restaurant, Cal's, for a fish dinner.

As a side note I couldn't believe how gas prices jumped up overnight. It was $2.89 here in Garrettsville.

The weather today is beautiful and I enjoyed coffee and homemade cookies, our Amish girl made for us, this afternoon on our porch watching the baby robins in their nest. It's just amazing how the birds take care of their youngens.

Well, Off to Cal's we go.

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