Monday, June 1, 2009

The Green Button

Today was very interesting and humbling. I drove my Amish neighbors to Middlefield for a dentist appointment. After the dentist she asked if it would be alright to go to the bank. Sure I said. Where is it??? I pulled in the lot and she said go to the drive thru. Ok! I pulled up to the pole with the canister and started to read the directions on how to open it when the cashier said in a loud voice "PRESS THE GREEN BUTTON" . I did. The canister opened. Everything was going fine the canister came back to us I pulled it out gave it to my friend and put it back. Now it didn't close sooooo I PRESSED THE GREEN BUTTON. The canister shot up and I took off before they took down my license number. My Amish neighbors were laughing and off to Wall-Mart we went.

1 comment:

  1. uhmmm...the authorities might be onto you if you keep doing stuff like this...It wasn't too long ago you and Dad drove through the pre-pay fast pass on your drive to MN....