Saturday, June 27, 2009


What a fun day Grandpa and I had. The first picture Grandpa took when he went to the tractor parade in Garrettsville. Garrettsville was trying to set a new record with the most tractors ever in a parade. I'm not sure if they did it but Grandpa said there were a lot of tractors. The picture is of our friend and neighbor, Bob Maynard, with his John Deere tractor.

Grandma went to her good friends 50th surprise wedding anniversary party, Becky & Bub Miller. The second picture is of their cake but the real hit of the party was the rum chocolate cake Becky made. She got the recipe from the islands when they went on their cruise. I have to say it's the best chocolate cake I have ever had and I have had a lot of cake in my years. Becky did say she would share the recipe. YUM!

The third picture is the Happy couple, Becky and Bub. Congratulations!

I also met Cara one of the blogs I follow. Cara will be a senior at Akron University this Fall. Cara's blog is (Dust of Everyday Life) if you would like to check it out. She is a cutie. I should mention Cara is Becky and Bub's granddaughter.

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