Friday, June 12, 2009

A shopping day

Another shopping day for Grandpa and I. Let's see!!! We started out and hit 2 detours which wasn't all bad except using more gas. Speaking of gasoline we stopped in Warren and filled up at $2.65. It's still $2.85 here in Garrettsville. We went to Kohls and I found almost everything I was looking for. Grandpa bought a new razor. When we checked out his razor came up as 179.99 on sale for 129.99. Grandpa stood there and kept saying "no,no,no". He told the cashier he would be right back and he exchanged it for one that cost 59.99 on sale for 29.99 plus we had 30% off and it came to $22.35. Poor Grandpa was in sticker shock for awhile. Off to Kmart we went and I finished up all my purchases which made for a Happy Grandma.


  1. Wow.. That's an expensive razor. I've never seen one anywhere near that expensive.

  2. Hahaha...I could just see dad at the check out! That's a crazy expensive razor!