Friday, March 27, 2009

Well, I just got home from the dentist and it wasn't as bad as I thought it could be. 45 minutes in the chair with a drill and jack hammer pounding in my mouth but I thank God for Novocain. I get to do the same thing next Friday all over again. Actually it was easier then the cleaning I had done last Thursday.

This morning was interesting. Our dog Annie is up in age and has continence problems. It was a matter of washing her up and cleaning her place where she sleeps. Grandpa asked if I would clean her up and I wanted to say I was busy but thought better of it. I put my old hooded sweatshirt jacket on and proceeded to wash Annie up outside. When I came in my sweatshirt was full of hair and odor. I took it downstairs to wash and searched the pockets before putting it in the washing machine. I found my two credit cards in the pocket from when I purchased gasoline. I could tell you I would have never thought in a million years to look for it there when I realized they were missing. I'm so thankful to have washed our Annie.


  1. That's always awesome, the little unexpected benefits of doing something you didn't want to do.

  2. In high school I was in drama club. For one of the shows I dressed up like a soldier and so they rented a costume for me. Upon putting it on I felt something in the pocket. I stuck my hand in and pulled out $10. Things like that are always nice.