Monday, October 4, 2010


Monday, October 4, 2010
Well, I have a good one for you today.  I had a response from my good friend Bev who lives in KY regarding not plugging in my slow cooker when making the rice pudding.  I have to tell you I couldn't stop laughing because it is such a reality this time in our lives especially if there are two in the household around the same age.
Enjoy Bev's email to me:
Hi Pat,I was going to write and kid you about forgetting to plug in your slow cooker but I changed my
mind. I went to put toast in this morning and the toaster wouldn't light up. I called Jon to look
at it and he said you have to push it down before it lights up. Mind you I have done it dozens of
times before. I told him I better not  kid Pat. Old age.
Its chilly down here today. We had to turn the heat on. I guess its suppose to get up close to
80 by the end of the week, though.
Well, from one old gal to the other have a good day
I also have a correction to make:  This goes along with Old Age:  Aunt Shirley emailed me and said Carol's birthday is March 2nd and not Oct. 2nd and Sue's birthday is in October.  All those senior jokes are true that we see and read about.  I'd say "TROUBLES" are brewing in my future.
love, grandma

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