Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Praise the Lord all 33 miners are rescued!
Roseann is my cousin Rosemarie's daughter who has MS.  She is 48.
Received a phone call from Rosemarie tonight saying Roseann is alright and out of the hospital.  I didn't know she was in the hospital but Rosemarie said she sent me an email that I never received. 
The details are 3 weeks ago Roseann had severe pain in her jaw.  She was unable to eat and could only manage liquids.  Cherylann made contact with the Cleveland Clinic to see if they could get Roseann in.  Rosemarie talked to the doctor and said "My daughter is in a lot of pain and needs help".  Roseann went into the clinic on Monday this week.  They told her they couldn't do surgery on her to defuse the nerve because she was on a blood thinner and would be very high risk.  They tried to put an IV in her and couldn't find her vein so she had to drink the steroid they tried to give her.  Because of drinking the steroid she received a yeast infection in the mouth which she has to take more medication for that.  The doctor gave her these small pills to take for her pain which is helping.  The pill is something they give to patience's who have seizers.  Rosemarie has been able to give her solid foods and her medications.  Keep them in your prayers.
A big apology to Kyle for grandma interrupting him during class time.  The TRUTH is I had never called Kyle on Skype and I had seen a little green dot next to his name so I called him from Skype.  He typed "sorry I am in class".  I didn't want to worry him so I wrote a message and told him "I was sorry to call but I wanted to see if my Skype worked"  He wrote "ha-ha the call came through and he didn't know he had his Skype on.
TRUTH is the standard of excellence.
"Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your TRUTH."
Psalm 86:11 (a) NIV
Love, grandma

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