Saturday, October 16, 2010


Saturday, October, 16, 2010
The Father in heaven blessed me today by allowing me to help a family who was having a memorial service for their Father.  The Father, Stuart, passed away at the age 93.  I didn't know the family or the deceased.  The family asked if they could have the funeral dinner at our church after Pastor Youngen did the memorial service.  Why am I so touched with this is because I felt the families hurt and loss as they SHARED stories with me.  Stuart was a WW2 veteran so there was a military service following the memorial.  It was very humbling to know how this man served his country and was remembered with this honor.  I DON'T ever want to FORGET the men and women who SACRIFICED themselves for this country.
Happiness is one thing that multiplies by division.
"DON'T FORGET to do good and to SHARE what you have with those in need, for such SACRIFICES are very pleasing to him."
Hebrews 13:16
Love, grandma


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