Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well loved and fed

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another very interesting and wonderful day that was filled with JOY. This afternoon our friend Beth stopped in to give Grandpa a birthday card and peach muffins, chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies she had baked this morning. This woman is amazing. We were having a nice visit when Grandpa got a call to drive our neighbor to Middlefield and then to Garrettsville. Beth and I continued to share our family stories and found out how much alike we are. I just love this gal. She brought her most beautiful quilt top to show us and even Grandpa loved the pattern and fabrics she used. We told her to bring it over when she is ready to baste it together and we would help her. This would be more like a party having fun and games.

After Beth left neighbor Dan stopped in to return a card table and shared his news of the day.

After Dan left our two Amish girls stopped and brought two miniature cheese cakes for us.

After the two girls left their younger sister came and brought Grandpa a birthday card she made.

We feel well loved and well fed.

Barbara is being released tomorrow from the hospital. Praise the LORD

The JOY of the LORD is your strength.

Nehemiah 8:10

Love, grandma

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