Sunday, October 18, 2009

Erica's LSAT score

I copied our granddaughter, Erica's, post to my blog to boast a little on her accomplishment with the LSAT score.

I got my LSAT score back, and I got a 161. That puts me in the 84th percentile. It's not a perfect score, but my goal was to get at least 160, so that's good. With this score and my GPA, I have a reasonable shot of getting into almost any law school I might want to go to (with the exception of Ivy League schools). Honestly...I'm soooooo excited about that score. I called my parents at almost midnight last night when I got the e-mail.

grandma said...
Oh Erica, we are so proud of you. Congratulations on your LSAT score. Grandparents are allowed to boast and that we will.
October 17, 2009 6:40 PM
October 17, 2009 6:41 PM

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