Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dear Friends

Grandpa and I were blessed today with the visit of very dear friends of ours The Weavers. Phil, Ruth, Elizabeth, Mattie and Grace stopped in to get and receive hugs. Their oldest son, Sam, was away at college so he gets two hugs when we see him.
The second picture of the 3 girls in the tree is called (Where's Elizabeth). Mattie is standing on the ground, Grace right in front but you will have to look carefully to find Elizabeth.
Ruth left four quilting kits on our end table which I didn't realize till after they had gone. What a surprise to find them. When I was looking at them the heart started fluttering and the adrenaline flowing. If you are a quilter you know just what I mean. Excitement Galore!!
Thank you dear friends for making our day a Happy one.

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  1. Wow! That was a fast post! So great to see you today. Enjoy the kits. Just cleaning out some stuff. ha ha. Thanks for the hugs!