Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Shower

I was invited to my cousin's daughter, Annette''s baby shower. This is her first baby and they tell us it's going to be a boy. The first picture is Annette opening up her gifts.

The second picture is my cousin, Maryann, with her granddaughter Anna. I just thought this was an adorable picture and wanted to put it on the blog.

Now for the interesting part of the day. The shower was probably 10 miles from home. The invitation gave written directions from Garrettsville to the shower. I also have a GPS. Wellllll, Grandpa said it's pretty easy to get there so I didn't take the GPS. Grandpa gave me different directions from what the invitation had. You guessed it I couldn't figure out where the heck I was. I called Grandpa in a panic since I was already twenty minutes late. He tried to help by telling me to go back and try and find the place. I ended up going into a store and asking how to get to this address. I was so close maybe a half mile from it. I finally arrived late of course and hugged my cousin Maryann, who is in the second picture, and my jacket got caught in her earring. I couldn't move and we had 3 different people helping get us apart. After that greeting nobody wanted to hug me. :( The baby shower got underway and was beautiful as a shower can be. Fun games (no I didn't win any prize), excellent food and delicious cake. Annette received many beautiful gifts. Oh yes, the house was in full decorations for Halloween AND I found my way back home. Hurrah!

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