Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011
 (Tracy is our son, Steve's wife and Alyssa is Steve's oldest daughter)
Today also is cousin Rosemarie's 80th birthday.
The pictures are of our trick or treaters we had tonight.  The family is Lyons, Aaron and Stephanie with their two girls, Emma the princes and Katie the pumpkin.  Cindy our 12 year old Amish neighbor is also in the picture.  She dressed up for Halloween but I'm not sure what her costume is.
The Lyons family live in the house where our neighbor, Bob, use to live. 
Thought for the Day!
Lord Jesus,
cleanse us of those personal failings
which diminish our own peace
and the peace of those around us.
Keep our minds and hearts serene
so we may bring peace to all we meet.
We want to witness to peace.
Love, grandma

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