Sunday, October 9, 2011

Marathon/half Marathon at Boston Mills

Sunday, October 9, 2011
Tim is our son-in-law
Kyle our grandson
Kasey our granddaughter
When I have news I will share with you all.  This morning Kasey ran the half Marathon with a time of 1:54.  Kyle ran a full Marathon and came in at 3:26 and Tim ran a full with a time of 3:38.  I have to mention when Kyle came to the finish line he ended by doing a cartwheel.  Tim's brother Steve was running the full but we only saw him at the 17 mile mark.  We didn't see him finish.  Amy, Steve's wife was also running but we didn't get to see her at all.  It was a beautiful day with temperatures being cool in the morning and 80 this afternoon.  Grandpa and I found two rocking chairs on the porch of the historical building and watched the runners pass right in front of us.  We did good!!!!
The Marathon was called the Towpath Trilogy in Boston Mills.  They also had a 10k run this morning.
Thought for the Day!
Let us be very sincere in our
dealings with each other and have
the courage to accept each other as
we are.  See and find in each other
the good, for each one of us is
created in the image of God.
Love, grandma

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