Monday, August 22, 2011

A Visit

Monday, August 22, 2011
Received a phone call this evening from Erica and she and Isaac will be going to Nelson Ledges this Saturday and are planning to stop by for a visit.  We are totally looking forward to seeing them before their classes start up next week. 
Grandpa found a recipe in an Amish cookbook for Zucchini cupcakes he wanted me to try.  He shopped yesterday for ingredients we didn't have so we could make the cupcakes today.  Actually they weren't to bad.  They called for a Carmel frosting which I thought might be a little rich so I made a cream cheese frosting. 
Yesterday at church my friend brought me a Hugh bouquet of gladiolas from her garden.  They are breath taking beautiful.  Also some of the people who farm bring their extra produce to the church for us to take home.  That's where I got my HUMONGOUS Zucchini for the cupcakes.  So, I had my bible, flowers and the humongous Zucchini in my arms and had to drive home.  Lets just say I made but I won't go into details how.
Thought for the day:
Our holy faith is nothing but a
gospel of love, revealing to us God's
love for men and claiming in return
man's love for God.  We must spread
God's love on earth if we want to
make souls repent wholeheartedly for
sin, to strengthen them in temptation,
and to increase their generosity and
their desire to suffer for Christ.
Love, grandma

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