Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011
Today proved to be very eventful.  When Grandpa got up this morning before daylight he went out to get the morning paper.  There was a tree in the road that came down from the village property right next to our line.  The fire department came and cut and removed it off the road.  When daylight came Grandpa looked out our big window in the kitchen and seen where we lost a Hugh part of our big maple tree from the storm.  The photos are of the tree.
We planned to go to the Randolph Fair this morning and started out down the road.  There was a large garbage truck facing us and an Amish buggy in front of us.  The garbage truck started up and spooked the horse.  The horse reared up and turned toward the ditch and that's where he and part of the buggy ended up.  Grandpa put the flashers on the car to warn traffic.  The driver of the garbage truck got out and helped the Amish man get the horse and buggy out of the ditch.  Grandpa stopped to thank the man for his help and fortunately he said he grew up around horses and been with them all his life.
We  went on our way to the Fair.  It's been years since we have gone and it was a beautiful day to go.  We enjoyed seeing all our favorite things then left to come home around noon.  We stopped for lunch at McDonalds, (we had coupons) and then shopped at Marc's in Ravenna.
When we came home Grandpa went to get the mail and we had an invitation to an Old-Fashioned Timber Frame Barn Raising gathering on Sept. 10th.  Raising starts at 8 A.M. and lunch will be provided.  The people having it are located up at the other end of Brosius Road.  Grandpa and I have been friends with them for at least 10 years.  They bring us homemade jelly and cookies at Christmas time.  It could be very interesting if we should go.
Yep!  We had a pretty eventful day.
Thought for the Day!
Love begins at home.  Everything
depends on how we love each other.
Do not be afraid to love until it
hurts, for this is how Jesus loved.
Love, grandma 

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