Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great Day

Saturday, August 27, 2011
What a wonderful afternoon we had with Erica and Isaac.  They went to Nelson Ledges this morning and came for lunch at our house.  We enjoyed great conversation with them.  It was fun hearing about the life of a law student in school.  I know there will be a couple of pretty smart lawyers that will graduate from Case Western in a couple of years.  It was fun hearing about their hobby of cooking.  No doubt they will be very popular among their friends wanting to sample some of their creative ideas in the recipe world. 
It was a gorgeous day weather wise.  There was a car and bike show in Windham at the Renaissance Family Center this afternoon.  Grandma went to help support this benefit because the RFC is a wonderful place for families to come for different events like the car show.  They have after school programs to help kids with their school work and a weight room or gym to play various games.  This is all run by volunteers.  Last night they had 80 kids come in after the football game to hang out and have snacks.  Pool tables and other games have been donated for this purpose.  I should mention that the RFC was a fairly new former elementary school building that went up for auction and is perfect for just this purpose. 
Thought for the Day!
The time we spend in having
our daily audience with God is
the most precious part of the
whole day.
Love, grandma

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