Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I do believe God is trying to teach me a lesson on vanity. A few months ago our class had it's 50th reunion. Yes, I went the extra mile to try and loose those couple extra pounds, get my hair done and tried to take years off this ever loving body. I thought I was looking pretty good till today when we received our class reunion photo's in the mail. My first reaction was "OH MY GOSH"!!!!. This was even worse then my drivers license photo. I started laughing thinking Boy! did God want to teach me a lesson. I had to post the picture so you knew what I was talking about. Maybe those who did not attend the reunion and receive the pictures in the mail will think possibly I was recovering from a stroke and take pity on me. Oh! the pretty woman in front of me is my good friend Fran. Oh Well! That's Life. :)

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  1. hahaha...well, it looks like you scored some food though! :) I think you are beautiful!