Thursday, July 23, 2009


Early this morning around 3 a.m. Grandpa woke up and saw 2 police cars in our next door neighbor's driveway. Our next door neighbors Dawn and Chris have a landscaping business. Someone came during the night and stoled Chris's truck and 25' trailer with all his equipment in it. Dawn heard the truck leaving and said to Chris that sounds like your truck. Sure enough it was. They have 3 BIG dogs that didn't even bark because they know the sound of Chris's truck so they wagged their tails thinking he was coming home. The police were right on it but whoever it was, was long gone. It's hard to believe anything like that would happen around here since we live in an Amish community. I guess you can never be to careful. Grandpa went out to lock his truck after he heard the news. I told Grandpa no one would want his rusted old truck. I'm thinking I should put a sign on it saying free.

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  1. That's terrible. I hope the police manage to find everything and get it back to your neighbors.