Friday, July 31, 2009

Interesting Morning

This morning Grandpa and I went to Middlefield to shop at Walmart and Giant Eagle. Wellllllll! While we were shopping in Walmart the power went out and everyone had to check out while they still had a little power. We decided to go to Giant Eagle, (Big Sale on Coffee) and they were without power also so we hurried into the store and grabbed our coffee and checked out. The traffic lights weren't working either. We then went on to Middlefield Cheese and they DID have power. We love their Swiss Cheese and Novelty ones. They also have a card that gets punched for every $2.00 dollars that is spent. We filled up one card so now we can get a pound of Baby Swiss Cheese. That was a good thing. We came home and looked at our cash register slip from Giant Eagle and notice we were charged for purchasing 5 coffees when we only received 4. Grandpa said to call the customer service which I did and now they are sending us a gift card for $10.00. The coffee was on sale for $5.88. I would say it was an interesting and profitable morning.

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