Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy Day

The day started out with doctor appointments for Grandpa and I. At our age it's old age problems with old age pills to take and more follow up appointments. My favorite follow up place is Bob Evans and that's where Grandpa and I went next.

In the afternoon it was my mile swim at the health club.

Later in the afternoon:
Grandpa and I decided to explore the new store that opened in town. It was quite interesting and affordable. All the items were used but in excellent condition and very well displayed. The store is called Chic and Shabby. Hold onto your hat! We went out to supper at our local restaurant and then came home for dessert. We sure do like to eat.

Retirement is wonderful.

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  1. Haha, I got up at 8:30 and went to my first class and then came back to my room for a nap instead of going to my second because I was soooooo tired (but it's only the 2nd class I've missed all semester and the first time I've missed that class so I'm not too worried.) Then I woke up and showered and went to wind symphony. Then I ate lunch and went to work until 4. I read a book til 6 then went to jazz band, after which I went to dinner. And then I read a book for an hour until my friend came over and we watched Wayne's World. Now it is 20 til 2AM and I am about to go to bed. Woo!

    Being a college student is also wonderful.