Saturday, September 10, 2011


Saturday, September 10, 2011
I really haven't had much to write about till now.  We just had a little excitement on our road.  It happened while I was on the phone to Kathy so she got a play by play of what I was able to see.  First of all, I saw a police cruiser with lights on coming up the road and stopped in front of the house next to where Huzl's live.  Then I saw another police cruiser come up behind the first one.  While I was looking out the window I saw Grandpa walking down the hill.  I had no clue what happened till Grandpa came back in the house.  When Grandpa came in he said Phillip Schmucker, brother of Marty Schmucker who was the Amish man that lived across the street from us, came up the hill and fish tailed from the water that was coming down from the rain.  Phillip flipped his car where it landed on the drivers side down after going in the ditch.  Grandpa thought it was funny that there was 2 Garrettsville police, 2 Sheriff, 2 State Patrol, 1 fire truck and 1 tow truck that came for this one accident.  Grandpa talked with Phillip and he was not injured in the accident.
This evening I am picking up my 92 year old friend and taking her to Christ Community Chapel where Tim and Kathy go to church.  Tori will be singing and playing keys at the 5:30 worship service.  My friend, Kathryn, has been wanting to see Tori sing for some time. 
Thought for the day:
Holiness is the greatest gift that
God can give us because for that
reason he created us.
Romans 10: 9,10,
That if you confess with your mouth,
"Jesus is Lord," and believe in your
heart that God raised him from the
dead, you will be saved.  For
it is with your heart that you believe
and are justified, and it is with your
mouth that you confess and are
Love, grandma

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