Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday School Cuties

These are my Sunday School Cuties.  There is Maggie, Mandy and Emma.  This is why I teach.  These children come in the classroom eager to learn and take part in a Bible Story.  They love their bibles even if they can't read.  After they hear the Bible Story they pretend to read it from their bibles.  It's amazing how much they remember.  We have a small snack and the children love to pray for the food.  Today we had some extra prayer request to pray for.  One little girl's puppy died and one little girl said she had (Amonia).
We play a cd with some favorite Sunday School Songs which they love to do the actions to.
They have work papers related to the story and a hand project to put together.  The hour goes very fast and before you know it the bell is ringing and class is over.  We finish with sitting on the floor in a circle, holding hands and praying.
Yes, this is why I teach. 

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