Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I thought I would share some stories of interest to those that read this blog. The first one that came to mind is when I was staying at Tim and Kathy's house while they were on vacation. My job was to pick up Kyle at school and bring him home. Welllll! The day I went to pick him up I wasn't quite sure where I was to go. I did find him alright and was driving back home when I pulled up behind a school bus. I did stop because the red lights were flashing and the stop sign out. I waited and waited and nothing was happening except the kids in the back of the bus was waving me on to go around. I did just that and kids were walking in front of the bus and crossing the street. The bus driver blew his Horn and gave me a dirty look. Kyle, bless his heart didn't say anything except kind words to me like "That's OK Grandma". I knew he had to be embarrassed with the kids laughing on the bus. Now he is a senior in college and this story is a "Remember When" tale of terrors.

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  1. Mom, I think of that so often!!! Hahahaha...Kyle really is a sweet kid, I guess I should say, young man now that's he a senior in college.